Karate Pro Dojo

What Makes Us Different?

Our staff is kind and courteous. We help students build on their strengths and overcome their weaknesses. We are here to help you achieve!     

Our instructors are great kickers and punchers, but that is only half of what makes them good teachers. 

Our instructors Believe:

  • Each student is an individual.
  • Every student learns differently.
  • Patience and understanding is a must.
  •  Positive reinforcement helps students achieve. 
  • One should lead by example. 
  • Respect is what martial arts are truly       about. 

Karate Pro Dojo is a family oriented martial arts school dedicated to helping our students achieve their goals. It is our mission to provide quality martial arts training in a clean, safe and positive learning environment. We believe karate is about more than just physical movements it is about learning success skills that can help you in every day life. 

Our Background