Karate Pro Dojo

Student Etiquette

1. ​Be Clean

    - Always wear a clean uniform

    - Make sure your hands and feet are clean

    - Make sure your finger nails and toe nails are short

    - Wear deodorant

    - If you sweat extra hard bring a towel to dry off                       between exercises

2. Be Neat

    - Place your belongings out of the way so no one steps           on them

    - Tie your belt tight

    - Tuck in your KPD t-shirt

3. Be Respectful

    - Listen to the Sensei

    - Don't talk during class

    - Be kind to fellow students

    - Don't laugh at or ridicule a student that makes a                   mistake

4. Be Responsible

    - Try your best not to miss class

    - Call if you can't make a class

    - Come to class on time

    - Don't leave your belongings behind

Rules Of The Dojo

1. No food or drink allowed in the school. (except water)

2. No gum or candy allowed.

3. Dress code: a full uniform (gi top or KPD t-shirt, gis pants     and belt) must be worn.

4. No one may enter the main training area until the Sensei     gives permission.

5. Shoes are not to be worn in the main training area.

6. Children must be accompanied by an adult, except              students during class time.

Thank you for your cooperation!

Respect is an important part of the martial arts. A student can show respect by following the rules of the dojo and having proper student etiquette. There are many rules in karate these rules are meant to foster a clean, safe and fun learning environment for all students. Please follow the rules.