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White Belt Tip # 2 requirements  8 Kicks, 8 Punches, 8 Blocks )

8 Punches -   Front 2 Knuckle        Back 2 Knuckle        Thrust               Tiger 

                     Dragon                     Snake                       Leopard           Crane

8 Kicks -     Front Ball        Front Instep          Front Stomp          Crescent          Reverse Crescent

                    Side                Back                      Stepping Stool 

8 Blocks -    1        2        3        4        5        6        7        8   

White Belt Tip # 3 requirements

( Belt Tie, Half-moon with Punch, Shoulder-roll, Falling down Backwards ) 

Belt Tie - Student must be able to properly tie belt. 

Half-moon with punch

Start with right foot back, half-moon forward and do front 2 knuckle punch with right hand

Start with left foot back, half-moon forward and do front 2 knuckle punch with left hand 


Falling Down Backwards

White Belt Tip # 4 requirements 

The 5 Jiu-jitsu moves that defend against being grabbed)

5 Jiu-jitsus

Front Choke         Lapel Grab             Double Wrist Grab            Back Choke          Bear Hug 

White Belt Tip # 1 requirements

( Positions, Stances, Right foot out on the elbows, 5 animals of Kempo, Meaning of Respect, Kia )


Front     Attention     At-ease     Lotus (sitting with legs crossed)     Jumping-Jack      Push-up     Sit-up



Horse     Crane     Half-moon (right foot back w/ Hands up on guard)

5 Animals of Kempo

Tiger     Dragon     Leopard     Snake     Crane

The meaning of Respect

Respect is to treat people the way you would like to be treated


This is the shout karate students make when striking

White Belt Tip # 5 requirements

Students under 18 must  get a permission form signed by their parents and school teachers confirming that the student is behaving in a respectful manner and doing well.